Welcome to my book-blog!

IMG_1238.JPGAlmost two weeks ago I took a huge step (for me) and created a new instagram account for my books. I was so excited and it felt good to be a part of bookstagram finally! And the community is so warm and nice, it’s such a great place!

So, why not get a blog to accompany my instagram I thought to myself. And here we are!

My hope is to mainly post book reviews here, and other longer post which do not fit my instagram account due to the length. We’ll see how it goes, maybe this blog will just collect dust in a forgotten part of the Internet, maybe not!

So, who am I? I’m Annie, 26 years old and I live in north Sweden. My main hobby is to read. I’m soon unemployed from my job as a social media manager  and is aspiring to be a librarian, so maybe I’ll blog about that (if I get accepted to the university program)! And right now I study two youth literature courses, which take up quite a bit of time.
I have two cats, Sergeant Leftover (Leffe for short, also the cat in the picture!) and Socks. I bet they will be featured here in the future.

Feel free to join me on this adventure!

PS. You can find my instagram account here DS.

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