April Wrap up!


April was kind of hectic for me, with a lot of mandatory reading for school. But, I was lucky enough to squeeze in two reads for pleasure!

The first one was Obsidio – J. Kristoff and A. Kaufmann. It was a wonderful read, and I’m sad to se the series end. I wish there were more books coming out regarding the Illuminae Files.

The second one and final one was Still Me – Jojo Moyes. Which is the third book in the trilogy Me Before You. I actually didn’t like it, but then again I didn’t like After You either.
I really liked Me Before You, even if it had it’s issues. But the other two books following it fell flat for me. There were no emotional connection for me in the series any more. And Louisa felt whiny and it felt like Will was only dragged into the story at times to remind us of what had been. Even though in the third book, Louisa had clearly moved on in her life.


And her New York boyfriend?! What was all that about! I feel like Moyes is better than to write in a look a like as a romantic interest.
And, the fact that she forgave Sam and took him back was even more baffling to me. I always thought of Louisa as stronger than that.


As you can see, I clearly had a lot of feelings about Still Me, I’m actually quite frustrerad with it to be honest.

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