what I do before publishing on instagram

Hello lovelies!
I asked my followers on my bookstagram if the wanted a blog post about what I do before posting on Instagram, and here it is:

Look for inspiration

I usually use Pinterest or Instagram to find inspiration for my future photos. It’s important to just be inspired by others work. DO NOT recreate it.
If you find inspiration from a truly spectaular photo or person on instagram, and decide to use their photo to do something similar, I suggest tagging them in the caption. Just to tell everyone who inspired you to make your post!

Shoot the photo

I shoot most of my photos on my bed, when the sun’s shining to get the best lighting.
I use my Canon EOS 1000D for my pictures, if I’m on the run or not at home I’ll use my iPhone 7 plus. Both of these do the job just fine!

Edit in Lightroom

I use Lightroom on my desktop for editing my photos. I also have the app on my phone. But prefer to do it on my computer, where I have more editing possibilities. I have a few presets I like to use and then tweak some of the adjustments for the specific photo.


The left one is the unedited one, and the one on the right has been edited and cropped in Lightroom. 


When I’m done with the editing, I transfer my photos via Dropbox to my phone, and use the app UNUM to get a quick and easy overview of how the photo will look with my feed. This is also great for me since I have a very white feed. I can then see if I have to edit the temperature of the photo further or if it matches the existing content. You can read more about UNUM here.


While playing around whilst writing this post, I also found that Later has the same feature in it’s app, so from now on I’ll probably skip this step.

Later App

When I’m done with the photos and have the publishing order because of UNUM, I import the pictures to Later. This is a scheduling and posting software for Instagram. I use the free version which gives me 30 uploads every month.  Here I can select which date and time I want my photos to be published and also write the captions ahead of time!

later app

I have a set schedule of posting Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and every other Sunday.

The posting time I choose depending on when that day my followers are the most active, you can find this information if you have a business account on Instagram (which I recommend mostly for the analytic features).

The kicker with Later is that you have the app installed on your phone, so it’ll send you a notification when it’s posting time. I also have set up to get another reminder if I don’t open the notification, so I’ll not miss to post! You can also choose to auto publish if you want to.
To post, you just open the notification, choose open in Instagram and the photo and caption will be copied there. And that’s that!
If you want to try out Later or read more, click here.

Disclaimer: I am aware that there are other software with similiar or identical features as Lightroom, UNUM and Later, these are just the apps I use. 


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