Why it’s been echoing in here…

Hello friends!

It’s been a while! I’ve been rather busy the last couple of weeks. I got a job October 1th, so most of my time has been commuting and working + studying these last weeks. Because of this, I haven’t had that much time to read and write reviews. And every time I open my blog, I find things I want to change with it. However, those changes has to wait for now.

Anyway, there will be some changes here. Since I’m a Swede, I also read Swedish books. And I don’t want to exclude them from my reviews. So from now on, I’ll also review the Swedish books I read and these reviews will be in Swedish. If it’s a translated book, the review will be in English, as it has been before.
I wanted to make a separate category for the Swedish post, so they don’t show up on the homepage since most of my followers via Instagram and my blog doesn’t speak or read Swedish. But this has to wait for now. I’m writing and editing a Swedish review right now. And this one will show up on the homepage as usual. But in the future, the Swedish and English posts will be separate. I hope this doesn’t cause to much of a inconvenience for you right now.

My plan is to try to publish one blog post every week. Mainly because I have to focus on my literature course when I’m free from work at the time being. But maybe I’ll up the amount of posts as soon as I’m done with the course (January 2019).


I hope you’re having a great day!


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