The Fourteenth Letter

Review: The Fourteenth Letter – Claire Evans
Language: English
Publisher: Sphere
Pages: 440

My overall rating for this book: 4/5

The story and triggers warnings

This story contains a lot of violence, death, racism and rape. Which you should be aware of before reading it.

The story follows the aftermath of the unexpected murder of Phoebe Sansbury on her engagement party. The story is set in London, 1881.   
The murderer looks her groom in the eyesand says “I promised I would save you”.

We follow the detective from Scotland Yard, Harry, as he tries to unravel what led up to this crime. We also follow William and Savannah who is connected to the story in ways they cannot imagine. 
The book handles topics like acceptance of who you are, discrimination and corruption among other things. It’s a real page-turner.  

What did I like/dislike about the book?

The story is told via multiple POVs,and this is something I rarely like. But in this story, it actually drew me in further. So, if you like books based in the Victorian Era, murder mysteries and don’t mind multiple points of view I would recommend you to pick this book up.

And the story and motive of the murder held me on the edge of my seat, the turns the story takes is at times so unexpected I had to put the book aside just to collect myself.

At times, it felt like the author wanted to throw in even more elaborate plots and twists, which wasn’t a 100% necessary. However, it’s still a good book which I’ll probably recommend to friends I know who loves a good murderer mystery or a good historical fiction.

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