Top five reads of 2018

Hello lovelies! I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted a post of my top five reads of the year! You wanted it, so you’re getting it! Since 2018 has been kind of a slumpy year for my,  it was fairly easy to choose my best five books. However, after a long deliberation I’ve decided not to rank them, these are all my best reads of the year. It just broke my heart to make one of them number one. So here they come, in the order I read them this year:
(every book is accompanied with a comment from me trying to get you to read the book if you haven’t + I’ve linked the reviews I’ve posted)

IT (read in June)
You can find my review here
One of the books I really wanted to read this year was It. Maybe it was the recent movie adaptation that sparked my obsession. Even though it was a real brick with its 1300 pages, I flew through it. It’s pure magic. Mr King is a genius, as always!

Bird Box (read in July)
you can find my review here
Seeing a theme? This year I tried to read more horror books. Since I’m having a slumpy year, I’m pretty pleased with myself for at least getting through two. 
So, if you don’t know, Netflix is premiering the movie on Sunday (21/12). And I’ve never been this excited ever. It’s a great book, and the fear is INTENSE! I can’t wait to see the movie!

Call Me By Your Name (read in July) 
You can find my review here
I’ve been raving about this book all year, or at least half the year, to everyone who might listen for just a couple of seconds! I mean, this book has it all! Italy, great characters, love and just EVERYTHING! 
And after you’ve read the book you should drop everything you’re doing and watch the movie adaptation. 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (read in September)
You can find my review here
I’m weak for great character developments, portraits and flawed characters. And my gosh, do Eleanor Oliphant have it all! 
Everyone and their grandma’s been raving about this book all year, so it would be weird if you missed it. But if you did, feel free to read my review for a spoiler free summary.
It’s such a great story! I’ll probably re-read it soon enough, maybe next year! 

Strange the Dreamer (read in December)
You can find my review here
So, I might have been the last one to jump on the bandwagon for this AMAZING book. But at least I got on it. And OMG what a ride. Lazlo, marry me! My first read of 2019 might and will probably be Muse of Nightmares…..

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