Review: Kill Tut – Max Wannow

[I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for a honest review.]

Review: Kill Tut by Max Wannow
Language: English
Publisher: –
Pages: 243
My overall rating for this book: 25

The story and triggers warnings
Trigger warnings for war, violence and sex.

New York, New York: 2041. The American-Egyptian War continues as more Egyptian battalions invade the USA. With the purpose of bringing the war to an end, Operation Golden Ankh is a top-secret Delta Force mission that consists of sending a team of three back in time. Captain Jackson Martindale, Staff Sergeant Laiklyn Ladore, and CIA Officer Dana Villa have seven days to complete the mission in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. To successfully complete the mission, the three must coerce King Tutankhamun to travel with them to the future. Forcibly kidnapping the pharaoh would lead to a domino-like disruption in the architecture of time. The three are quick to discover the past deviates from what history books provide. The ancient people of Thebes, Egypt resort to panic when their city is invaded by Neanderthal warriors; but when humanoid aliens with skin made of a malleable gold arrive, the Ancient Egyptians welcome them with open arms.

What did I like/dislike about the book?
This is by far the weirdest book I’ve ever read. And if that’s your cup of tea, you should check it out. But for me, it was just too weird.  The story and plot were of course very unique and it was an interesting read.  I actually enjoyed the plot, even if it was just a smidge to weird for me.
Reading about ancient Egyptians, Neanderthals and aliens at the same time was really fun, and a wisp of fresh air in compression of what I usually read.

The story and writing have some issues though, it felt a bit weird that the Egyptians could speak in slang, and it felt like the story had a bit too many unexplained plot holes for my taste. I have a feeling that if the book had been 100-200 pages longer, the story could’ve been improved more.

You can buy the book here.
[I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for a honest review.]

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