Review Policy

General Information:

I’m accepting Adult and Young Adult books for review.  If you want to reach my, the easiest way is to send me an e-mail, bookpilesandcoffee (@) (you can also use the contact me option).

I accept print ARCs, finished copies and e-books. I accept books written in English or Swedish.

You can also see the books marked as TBR on my Goodreads here.

I do not accept audio books at this time.


I accept Adult and YA in the following genres:
Magical Realism
Historical Fiction

I do NOT accept:
Memoirs or biographies

Accepting books:

If I accept a book for review, that does not guarantee a review.

I prefer to receive the book about 2-3 months prior to when you would like the review posted. And I’ll see to it to read and review the book in regard to your wishes.


The reviews I write will be posted on my blog, and a shorter review with a link to the original review will be posted on goodreads. I strive to write honest and fair reviews, however, that does not mean the reviews always will be positive. My reviews are my opinions, and therfore, if I don’t enjoy a book the review will reflect that.

In case of DNF : I will state that in the review, and also explain why I didn’t finish it and if I plan to continue reading it in the future.

All reviews will  include:

  • Cover art / Picture of the book in some form.
  • Book stats: Title, Author, publisher, pages, release date, etc.
  • Where I received the book from.
  • My review, what I liked, and what I didn’t like.
  • 5 star rating system.
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